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Camp Assurance is a mission out-post for northeast Nebraska and beyond. Our passion is to enable campers and staff to go into towns and villages around Camp Assurance, sharing the Good News. We believe that this is best done in teams informally at BBQs and swimming pools and in more formal ways through VBS’s, service projects, and other community outreaches. (Rom. 12:3-8)

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Vacation Bible School

Trained volunteers from Camp Assurance are coming to your park to lead Bible Stores, games, snacks, and more!

WHERE: Call 712.301.1268 for the exact park in your town
AGES: 5-12 Years Old
When: Check the times/dates on camp schedule

Register at the park immediately before start time.

The Oasis Coffee House

Every fall Camp Assurance is transformed into The Oasis Coffee House.  There we continue to do ministry throughout the fall, winter, and spring.

Kids Clubs

Throughout the year we will host kids clubs in various towns throughout rural Nebraska.

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